Monday, April 28, 2014

The Lancaster FAIRWAY Crew Picked Up 30 Bags of Litter from Hwy 30

We're very proud of our volunteers, Pam, George, Cheyenne and Ken, for picking up 30 bags of litter from Highway 30 on Saturday.  The weather was nice for us and it was a good morning workout.  Our little adopted stretch of highway is already looking better.

A great big thanks to our volunteers!
Ken Pederson, picking up litter to keep our neighborhood clean. Highway clean up selfie! The FAIRWAY crew picked up 30 bags! Garbage in a rain gully.  Good thing we cleaned it up! Volunteering for adopt-a-highway clean up. A sad thing to see as litter in a rain gully. One of several piles from our adopt-a-highway pick up. We cleaned up 30 bags total! Volunteers from Fairway Independent Mortgage, picking up litter along Hwy 30. Ken Pederson picking up litter in our adopt-a-highway day

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