Friday, June 29, 2012

Get the Truth About Reverse Mortgages July 11th at 11:30am

Today, there are more financial options for retired individuals and couples than ever before.  Whether you're looking to pay off bills, your current mortgage, or add additional income to further enjoy your retirement, a Reverse Mortgage may be the answer for you.  If you are 62 years of age or older and have equity in your home, a reverse mortgage may be available to you.

These topics, plus so much more will be discussed:
* Eliminating your current mortgage/debt payment
* Making no payment during your lifetime
* Staying in your home as long as you live
* Your heirs WILL inherit the home
* NO income/credit requirements to qualify

Come enjoy a Complimentary Lunch and get the facts - maybe you can retire!  There is no obligation and no product will be offered.  

July 11th, 11:30am

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ken Pederson quoted in the local news

5 years of home sales show big skid in value
..."Ken Pederson, branch manager of the Lancaster office of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., said the price declines over the five-year period from 2005-06 to 2010-11 are consistent with what appraisers told him.

"We're not Florida, California, Nevada or Arizona," with prices falling through the floor, he said.

"That bodes well for the staying power" of the local market," Pederson said"...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facebook contest

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know that we do fun trivia give-aways and games periodically, and this week we've decided to ramp it up, "1st Friday style."

What you could win:
  • 2 tickets to Miss Saigon at the Fulton Opera House, Friday, July 6th
  • or, Gift certificate to Rachel's Crepery
  • or, Gift certificate to the Goodie Shoppe
  • or, Gift certificate to Carmen & David's Creamery
  • or, Gift certificate to the Prince Street Cafe (We have prizes for out-of-towners, too)
How to enter:

Anyone who "Likes" us on Facebook


posts a comment
or writes us a recommendation at

between June 1st and June 22nd
will have their name thrown in the pot. 

It's that easy. 

Help spread the word!  We want your friendship, and we want to help out our local community by helping people experience Lancaster city's First Friday - it's a perfect match.