Friday, March 22, 2013

Realtors, Apologize to your Sales Manager

Realtors, apologize to your Sales Manager, because Tuesday April 9th is a continuing education class on a topic that doesn't get nearly enough attention. (It is April, even though Ken says August). Learn how you and your professional community can best serve our veterans and active military.

Speakers include Louise Thaxton, one of the top 5 VA Mortgage Originators in the country; Terri Murphy, a 25 year Top Producing Agent, Speaker, Author and Consultant; and Sean Parnell, Army Ranger, combat infantryman and best selling author of 'Outlaw Platoon.'

The event is being held in Lancaster, PA April 9th, 2013. To register for a seat, go to:

Friday, March 15, 2013

One Thing Every Realtor Should Know

Realtors, are you aware that when your buyers contact us and we pull credit, an inquiry is registered by the credit bureaus - who turn around and sell what's called a 'trigger lead.' This means the credit bureaus sell your clients' names, addresses, phone numbers and credit scores. Within 24 hours, your clients are being contacted by lenders across the country with offers that can sound pretty great until you take a harder look. We've heard of several lenders being sneaky in their approach, making it sound like they're working with us.

Please protect your clients! All 3 bureaus cooperate with - basically a 'do not sell my info' list. This not only protects your clients from what could be a frustrating and/or expensive mortgage experience, but a potential opening for identity theft as well.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Realtors: Certified Residential Military Specialist Designation for Realtors!

A brand new Realtor Designation (Certified Residential Military Specialist) and Continuing Education class is being offered in Lancaster on Tuesday, April 9th at Bent Creek County Club from 8:30 to noon.

To register for the CE, you must register and get payment to LCAR immediately, as this class has very limited seating. The registration form can be found by clicking on this link: Lancaster Real Estate Event.

You must pay the standard $35.00 fee to LCAR to earn the CE credit or you can attend this event at no cost and just take in all the great info from the CE Instructor and the three presenters...
  • Louise Thaxton, one of the top VA mortgage originators in the US.
  • Terri Murphy, long time top-producing Realtor, consultant, coach and professional speaker
  • Sean Parnell, US ARMY Ranger and NY Times Best Selling Author of Outlaw Platoon.

  • Get your registration in now for the CE Credit and to reserve your seat or just send me an email to and let us know you want to attend. 717-431-9299!

    Get this brand new CE Class and Lancaster Real Estate Event on your calendar today!!