Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank You! A Big Thanks to All of the Realtors Who Attended Yesterday's Realtor Summit Training Lunch n' Learn!

Thank You! A big thanks to all of the Realtors who attended yesterday's Realtor Summit Training Lunch n' Learn!

We had such good comments from yesterday's Realtor Summit Training that we'd like to share a few.  When asked how to describe these Summits to someone who hasn't been to one, attendees wrote:

"We all have 24 hrs and have busy lives, but spending an hour of your time in one of these sessions is the best investment of your time you can make. Packed with up to date and very useful information."

"Lots of great, timely information, things I can use to help my clients and to help me in business."

"Timely and pertinent information from an expert in his field, Ken's 'Realtor Summit Training' is an invaluable asset to your real estate career."

"The best/most information packed into one hour and free lunch too.  Don't miss the next class."

"Valuable info to give to and educate my buyers and sellers."

"If you go you will learn something.  Learning one thing is worth the hour of time!!! :)"

"These Summits are opportunities to become educated, refresh your knowledge and get rejuvenated."

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