Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facebook contest

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know that we do fun trivia give-aways and games periodically, and this week we've decided to ramp it up, "1st Friday style."

What you could win:
  • 2 tickets to Miss Saigon at the Fulton Opera House, Friday, July 6th
  • or, Gift certificate to Rachel's Crepery
  • or, Gift certificate to the Goodie Shoppe
  • or, Gift certificate to Carmen & David's Creamery
  • or, Gift certificate to the Prince Street Cafe (We have prizes for out-of-towners, too)
How to enter:

Anyone who "Likes" us on Facebook


posts a comment
or writes us a recommendation at

between June 1st and June 22nd
will have their name thrown in the pot. 

It's that easy. 

Help spread the word!  We want your friendship, and we want to help out our local community by helping people experience Lancaster city's First Friday - it's a perfect match.

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