Thursday, February 16, 2012

FAIRWAY Financial Series - Reverse Mortgages

Next week, Tuesday February 21st, from 11:30am to 1PM at the Apple Tree Restaurant on the corner of Columbia Avenue and S. Centerville Road, we’re hosting a FAIRWAY Financial Series lunch on the myths and truths of Reverse Mortgages.  (RMs).  Lunch is on us!

Across the country, increasing numbers of low, middle and upper income families are using RMs for financial health and to enjoy their senior years in better comfort.   RMs are not for everyone.  However, they can be a very useful financial tool for many senior home-owners, and, RMs can now be used to purchase a home, too. 

*What is a Reverse Mortgage and how does it work?
*Can seniors really enjoy their home and not have to make a mortgage payment?
*Who owns the house?
*Can you refinance an existing mortgage and extinguish the payment?
*Can a Reverse Mortgage get “upside-down?”
*How can a Reverse Mortgage make payments to the home owner on a monthly basis and/or provide funds for repairs?

Come learn the ins and outs, the truths and the myths about this fast growing financial too, and get a free lunch while you are at it.  And, if you aren't a senior... pass this on to your parents or grandparents or someone who might be interested.  Space is limited, so register now at or call 717-431-9299.

This seminar is being presented by Dennis Cronin, our in-house Reverse Mortgage Specialist. 

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